The Process…..”Beautiful Hands” Balm


“Beautiful Hands” was a balm that we formulated last year to add to our all natural skin-care collection and we are so glad we did.  The essential oil blend gives an uplifting scent to it and the best part……it goes on non-greasy.  A big plus because it can be used during the day as needed and it feels great on your skin.

Our goal in creating this was to find a balm for hands that was a lighter balm and also one that would easily go into your skin so we had to look for oils that are lighter in nature to help balance out the cocoa butter.

Some of the main ingredients that we used:

We chose COCOA BUTTER because when applied to skin it can create a barrier between skin and the environment and helps retain needed moisture.

JOJOBA OIL absorbs easily into the skin (one of the reasons we chose this oil).  Jojoba oil is full of nutrients and vitamins, which all help to protect your skin.

APRICOT KERNEL OIL has a very high vitamin E content, which is one of the reasons we chose this oil and we also chose Apricot Kernel oil because it is a very light oil, which is known to penetrate the skin very easily and not leave a greasy feeling on your skin.

Wheat Germ Oil is another oil that is very high in vitamin E content and is great for helping to prevent skin issues for example dry skin (a big plus for adding this to our balm!!!!)

We used a combination of Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood and Rosewood essential oils for the scent.  Beautiful scent and the benefits of these essential oils is amazing.

Lavender Essential Oil:  This is one of the most commonly used essential oils imaginable.  This essential oil offers so many benefits to skin-care products.

Geranium Essential Oil:  This essential oil has the properties of being a skin enhancer.  Great right???  What better essential oil to be adding to a balm for your hands to help with angry-skin conditions.

Sandalwood Essential Oil:  One of my favorite essential oils just for the scent, but sandalwood is known for its ability to soothe skin.

Rosewood Essential Oil:  Rosewood had tissue regenerating properties and that is why it is found in many skin-care products.

“Beautiful Hands” Balm is a fantastic combination of oils with the benefits of vitamins and nutrients for your skin.  This is definitely one that we are planning on keeping in our all natural line of skin-care.  The feedback from customers on this balm has been fantastic…..they love it!!!!!




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