What Makes Our Soaps Unique???


I was recently asked the question what makes our soaps unique…..I thought about the things that I have read in some of my soaping groups that people do (trust me I have been totally amazed at some of those things) and different things I have seen at vendor shows.  I tried to put myself out there as a consumer buying handmade soaps and I realized how difficult it was.

What I finally came up with…..

Not all handmade soaps are created equally.

Anyone can say their soap is “handmade” but what about the quality of the oils used or the knowledge of the soap-maker?

 I have said this many times to customers “These are the same soaps that our family uses.”  I want the best for them so of course it would make sense that I would use quality oils, but not everyone does.  I have read lots of times in the groups about “good deals” on oils and essential oils.  I just can’t do it.  Soap is only as good as the oils used.  The oils are the first part of what makes a bar of soap great……I love being able to list ALL of the ingredients in every one of our products.

Making great soap is a skill – For me it is not a hobby!!!!  This skill is the second part of what makes a bar of soap great.  It means understanding the values of the oils that are being combined and what that combination can bring to a bar of soap.   Not only do I make soap I study soap!!!

My thoughts go back to a branding class that I took for Generation Soaps (I posted on this a few months ago) and one of the characteristics that showed up the most for me was integrity.

So what makes our soaps unique and different?

  • Made with integrity
  • Made with love for my family and for your family
  • One of my personal goals is to help raise the bar for natural skin-care products

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Generation Soaps


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