About Us

About Generation Soaps…..

Our story first started by making handmade soaps on the recommendation of our daughter’s pediatrician.  My children have grown up knowing and appreciating the fantastic benefits of using handmade soaps and natural skin-care products.  And now I watch their children doing the same and I love seeing every minute of it and yes, there are always special requests, which is great.

Visit our shop and see our wonderful selection of handcrafted soaps.  All of our soaps are made with recipes that have been designed and formulated by us.

Our collection of natural herbal balms and skin-care products have been designed with active families in mind…..something for everyone!!!!

The same soaps that we use for our family and friends are the same soaps that we want to be able to share with your family.

  • We use only top quality soap making oils in our soap.

  • One of our favorite soap bases uses approximately 50% extra-virgin olive oil.

  • We use only the highest quality fragrance oils – phthalate free to ensure they are skin safe for you and your family.

  • Our essential oils come from our suppliers and are 100% pure.

Join Generation Soaps’ journey and passion and be part of our story…..You and our families using natural handmade soaps and skin-care products for generations to come. We want you to be the best you…..naturally.



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